Two-Storey Apartment: Introducing Our 4-House Building Design

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two-storey apartment

Two-Storey Apartment: Introducing Our 4-House Building Design

This apartment design has four houses, offering a lucrative investment opportunity for discerning property owners. Two houses on the first storey and two on the second storey provide comfortable living spaces, each featuring two bedrooms, a master suite, and a flexible room for diverse uses. The shared design elements ensure a cohesive and stylish facade.

The entire apartment boasts has 4 houses all with 360 sqm of well-optimized living space, complete with two verandas for outdoor enjoyment. The construction price is 290 million, making this a compelling investment in a property with multiple potential income streams.


Number of Houses: 4
Number of Bedrooms per House: 2
Master Bedroom per House: 1
Additional Rooms per House: 1
Kitchen per House: 1
Dining Room per House: 1
Living Room per House: 1
Square Meters: 360 sqm
Verandas: 2